I Ching Reading

A Full Reading covers your current situation, conditions and relationships after receipt of further information from you via phone or email. It also includes your Pre-Heaven/Post-Heaven astrology. A Full Reading can assist with coming to a decision if you are grappling with one in your particular situation.

Please ‘click here’ if you would like to take a Full Reading.

Free Overview Reading
A free Overview Reading is a basic impression of what you may be experiencing. It does not presume to know the conditions contributing to your situation.

This website uses the I Ching as a tool for clarity with present moment living. It does not follow through on yes/no questions posed to it or predict your future.

  1. 1. What is your question?

  2. 2. What needs are not being met in your current situation?
    Think of what would be most helpful to you and what may be blocking that possibility.

  3. 3. How do you respond to pressure?
    Do you find it most natural to retreat, to take action or to remain fixed on thinking about it for awhile as a way of getting centred?

  4. 4. How have you been responding to this issue?
    Give some indication as to what you have been able to accomplish in the situation to date.

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