A commitment is a complete involvement. It is a full engagement in a venture or relationship that does not include any state of half-heartedness or ‘wait and see’.

True commitment does not depend on the action of another person before we are prepared to ‘give our all’. It holds the values, beliefs and vision of our own inner leadership at its helm and puts us forward to claim our joy and success.

We can commit to any number of things: a project, a business, a relationship, a study course, a holiday, ending an addictive habit or even teaching someone who has become dependent upon us to stand on their own two feet.

Only by full commitment can we find out directly just what is most meaningful to us. We are moving with the heart and not the mind and putting our complete energy behind our move.

A conscious decision is needed; then we must act. It means shouldering responsibility for outcomes. It also means awakening to the evidence of a stagnant habit. This can spark enough of a shift to start us into the mode of commitment.

If we have become reluctant or afraid to look at our own behaviour it may be because we do not want to be under any obligation to act! There is no commitment without action.

We become attached to familiar things and ways of behaving. There is nothing wrong with that unless these patterns block us from developing ourselves further. When they do then a commitment to a new step is welcome. We tend to believe in the sense of security such familiarity can give us and we also tend to protect the status quo to save our ‘old identity’.

There is a period while we are transitioning through a change that seems like a blur, when we cannot know what is happening to us but simply have to continue moving. Once the dust has settled we get an understanding of what we were learning.

Sometimes crisis or external intervention is the only way some people can be stimulated enough to make a move. Outside commitment is not quite the same as being motivated by an inner commitment to ourselves. Pushing someone and providing them with full support may still do little to bring their inner self to the fore enough to have them commit to change.

Many people say they crave love and affection. They long for a soul mate or to be in a permanent relationship with all its ups and downs, yet they wait on the sidelines for a commitment to be shown to them from ‘out there’. We need to act first, showing the universe that we mean business. When we ask for something we need to show we truly want it by our actions.

Stepping in is a way to create major improvements. Commitment means we are acting on our principles…it is the principle of commitment in action. This is better than testing something out at the mind level only, commenting on why it will or won’t work without actually feeling our way into it by action.

The mere step of risking ourselves fully invites a response. We can refine things when we are involved with them and are more likely to gain energy from what we are doing because we are getting the actual experience of what we are up against.

We can never truly fantasize or imagine reality. Some of us who choose to wait and watch will miss the opportunity and have to wait for another and then even another if resistant to commitment. This can be the case even when the exact thing we were after has come along.

It is only by digging the dirt that we encounter the buried treasure.

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