Reminder of Unconditional Love

Unconditional love guarantees connection with the One and All. When we love without conditions the world around us feels open and kind. Since we ARE love it is in our Nature to express it fully.

Loving ourselves as we are now is the key to a stress-free life.

Even one thought crossing our mind that states “I’m not as good as you” or “You’re not as good as me” is engagement in COMPETITION and kills off the flow of the Creative Self.

Why stifle and suffocate the strength of your being?

Recognise these thoughts as they cross your mind and monitor the situations in which they are raised. This gives you a giant clue to areas in your life where you find it hard to accept yourself. You may believe you are a non-competitive person who is very accepting of others but your thoughts are insights into vulnerabilities, habits and motives that may require change.

When your love shines through you can laugh at yourself and then laugh WITH others. Love cancels out any pressure to prove anything and appear better than someone else! These appearances are too hard to maintain and eventually wear away your ability to give to your true needs and reach fulfilment.

Fashions and fads fall away, as do influences and vanities impressed upon us by others. Can you afford to abandon yourself?

If you accept yourself unconditionally you will not put yourself down through internal dialogue nor demean yourself verbally in front of others. Sometimes people do this to get a laugh, to fit in or to rally attention. It becomes an expensive habit because it separates us from the heart and its natural flow of compassion.

Notice how often you put others down in conversation, especially when they are not present. These are the wasted moments in life that cost us the most because they build a consciousness of resistance and jealousy that cuts us off from natural abundance.

We may appear to be accepting of others in their immediate presence then allow a negative thought about them to pass through our mind unchecked after they have left the room or talk about them negatively or in jest to someone else to build up our own esteem.

Why is this accepted as a communication style that endears us to others if we engage in it? We regard these judgments as normal, acceptable and understood while we pray for a world of peace and compassion!

Evaluate the VENGEANCE that is active and all too familiar in your own little world of daily exchanges.

When others have different beliefs from you, keep calm. The minute you defend your position you are also IN A STATE OF ATTACK. We are not asked to accept what anyone else believes, especially if we know and understand that each soul is here to learn by following their own pathway, but we can revel in the distinct contrasts that arise between people without using VENGEANCE as a weapon to build ourselves up or appear more knowing than others.

Each person’s choices form part of the GRACE that is at the essence of existence. Being here is a responsibility that calls us to remember our principles. When we fear or project a LACK in ourselves or in another person we are not sharing unconditionally.

Let your identity and character have CONTINUITY. If you become side-tracked by what others say or become divisive in your own dialogue then the flow of life will be interrupted by petty squabbles and problems. The big picture will diminish and your journey will become one of overcoming small difficulties all the time rather than building the character of CONTINUITY fuelled by unconditional love.

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