How many of us can say we feel ‘free as a bird’ and truly mean it?

Being in a body requires attention. Thoughts are acquired and we become attached to them. This leads to emotions that bind us to who we think we are and we ride the cycle of the bound self.

If we become locked into a thought about what someone else thinks of us then our willingness to put their opinion above our own blocks us from our inner centre. We are on the way to serving someone else’s version of living and not our own. It happens quickly and becomes a habit. We may be described as kind, thoughtful, tolerant, accepting, yet deep inside we have no peace at all.

We are born into a process of evolving our potential. It represents the essence of our soul while in a body and one of our responsibilities is to care for our body yet not be controlled by it. Another responsibility is to be true to our own nature and mature past the messages others have given to us. We need to know our own inner self.

If we become silent enough on the inside we can make contact with the Source of all things and sense a greater presence all around us. This is the healing gift we can connect to and feel flowing through us when we ask for it. Knowing we were once completely free and still are means we do not have to step out into the world to receive this energy. The contact is already there; we must remain open to allow it to be present. This energy arrives during meditation, quiet sitting or via an activity we love so much that we get lost in it and there is no person alive who is exempt from it.

The healing force of unified consciousness over-rides anxiety.

This reservoir of energy will not be felt fully if we are crowding our days with trying to make sure everything runs to plan.  We may believe plans we are trying to enact will lead to our freedom. When we look for freedom elsewhere and forget that we already have it inside we are divided against ourselves. In the Western world we have become accustomed to seeking more than we can immediately use. When we do this we are sending a message that we do not have enough.

The greatest gift bestowed on us by the Source is our life itself. We have been given the opportunity to grow our wisdom no matter what type of family situation we were born into and regardless of how controlling or abusive our parents may have been. Each person belongs to themselves and not to a mother or father figure who may have misunderstood their role as a parent and dominated our being. We are made up of both a body and soul that is independent of any parental projection and the guide for seeing does not come from them. When we make a commitment to forgive them and move past any ignorant messages we can revive our own inner voice to be louder than theirs.

It is the life path of all Spirit to conduct the energy of the heart. Our body is visible and through it we perform human activities but it is the invisible unity of the heart energy that comes through us unimpeded when we are aligned with the Creator. If we are able to acknowledge the freedom with which we have started out then we can find a way to restore that unity and influence our journey.

To be ‘free as a bird’ may involve returning to the path that you knew was right for you all along but that you may have been talked out of by others. If you have been unable to dispel the influence of others and find you are moving in the wrong direction for your spirit then contemplate a way forward without that programming. Identify it and then ask yourself – Who would I be if I didn’t do this…think this…act like this…continue this…complete this….? What would truly work for my heart?

The duties of our heart can only be made manifest if we give their actions room. To be ‘free as a bird’ we need to be living from the place inside of us that best reflects and acknowledges unity – the body and soul working as one. This does not have to occur as a great step we take into a new career but can be done in small acts and admissions that allow others to see more of who we really mean to be. If we have hidden our true nature from others then we have also hidden it from ourselves and that is the hardest nut to crack. It can give a shock to those around us when we start ‘emerging’.

To be ‘free as a bird’ you will need to have some wings. Think of what gives you wings and elevates you above the common aspects of your own life so you are able to be in tune with greater forces.

Witness your own thoughts for awhile. Watch them going past you as if they belong to someone else and you are studying them. Rather than being in them you may be able to recognise that some of these thoughts started in childhood. Just repeating a program that has been given to you or handed along from family members is a mechanical use of the mind; and we are here to express the spirit.

“Any piece of coal which does not burn at the required time will never burn” is an old Jewish proverb. It reminds us that what does not come alight at the moment when it is called upon to be of service will be rendered useless and is wasted. We are here to be useful and not miss the moment of ‘being ourselves’.

Life will flit past us if we forfeit our own character to be pleasing to another. A life of freedom is not one where we are repeating another’s story or interpretation. It is a life in which we evolve with the flow and feel our conditioning falling away.

We are born to come alight and be the flame of freedom – fuel for one another – with not one piece of coal being the same. Look up at the sky and stars tonight and remember you are part of all existence. Freedom is responsibility too – the responsibility of unfolding what is natural in you.

Light your flame of freedom and allow it to be enough. When you are ‘free as a bird’ you simply are and that is always enough.

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