OVERVIEW of an I Ching reading

Any question we pose to the I Ching may have our own energy and projection on it. Answers received may be interpreted to please us. Even though it is beneficial to trust the answer given to just ‘be there’ it is easy to get carried away with our own wishful thinking and formulate assumptions about the future that may never be realised.

Advice received in a reading must be considered according to our strength or vulnerability. We must take our own personal capacity into account and not just run on ahead with what is written on the page as if the book knows more about us than we do. It takes a series of deeper questions to find out if we really have the ability and tools to change at a particular time or if that is even really necessary. Sometimes it is just nice to know that the hexagram drawn is one possibility.

Our success can be hampered by the level of our own personal development but our stage of progress must be respected. If we know an action is just too much for us then pushing ourselves according to the outcome of a reading is not going to be correct.

We must take all the time we need to arrive at readiness for any action and this is where matching thoughts with feelings can bring better alignment to move.

For instance, if we are struggling in a relationship that is one-up/one-down it takes time to master feeling equal. In some relationships this may never occur.  There may be friends who tell us we need to be free of a particular person or situation but our attachment level is based on security needs or comfort and we are not ready.

These deeper issues need to be dealt with first and possibly discussed with professional help as they are the steps that navigate the path towards our release. If we do not take progressive steps we are expecting too much of ourselves. We are the only ones who can determine when to make a change and honour the instinct that tells us we are not ready, working slowly and quietly at our own process of self-care.

The best questions to ask of the I Ching then relate to how to handle our own identity and have a voice that is respected. It starts with respecting our own voice and finding   ways to enable individuation. We can ask questions related to strengthening our assertiveness and re-discovering our own values.

It is easier to blame another person than to own the fact that we have ‘gone missing’ from our own life.

People tend to consult the I Ching when they have a question about the meaning of their life or its direction. They ask the same broad question repeatedly. This defeats the purpose of the overview or bigger picture and brings confusion from then on.

The hexagram drawn from a broad life question is only the starting point of deeper questions to highlight steps. By continually consulting the I Ching over a broad life issue we can draw up more problems than solutions.

Issues are dissolved only after we have developed key skills within the bigger picture, starting the walk step by step and being proud of ourselves along the way. This keeps us connected to present moment living and daily practice builds towards a big picture.

If we consult the I Ching on a major issue in our life we need to trust the first element drawn is the most powerful view. From there we can ask questions that will uncover why we want certain things to happen or what is lacking in a particular situation.

It is never wise to ask questions about another person or their behaviour. The starting point is always within us and not in the pattern or person affecting us. The questioner finds out more about their own contract with the other person and how it may be altered by a suggested change in their own behaviour. If we formulate the questions from our own intention then we are taking responsibility.

A question (plea) such as:

“Why does (name) always try to control the course of my life?” can be reframed to –

“Why do I allow others to dictate the course of my life?”

I am using the August Energy Tips sent out in the Members newsletter to outline a reading about this, using a hexagram that has been discussed before. It is an example only and not a personal account transacted between anyone from this current site.

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