Visionary Gift

When you want everything to be perfect you lose your sense of joy and fulfilment.

In planning a successful project it is helpful to use big picture thinking. This gives an overview of the project to be mastered and the steps along the way to its accomplishment. Using the visionary gift you can picture yourself reaching the goal.

You may be able to discern what will be helpful and what may be a blockage in the tasks you envision up ahead. This may begin the ‘perfection’ cycle, where you know exactly what you need to implement but fear some of the steps will not be done right.

Communicating to yourself using too many details may disrupt your clear vision.

In the I Ching at Hexagram 41 there is reference to help that is graciously given when a person is already moving in the direction of their desire. This is the hexagram of decrease, where results of our own labours are tested and the outcome can be dependent on our own input and patience. If you pretend to be able to do a task that you have not mastered yet, the results could bring about humiliation. Be patient.

When outcomes appear to be impossible, remain dedicated to the task and humble in your self-reliance. This way companions may appear who can assist with your development. Be open to receiving input when it arrives and not so swollen with your own ideas that you miss the opportunity. Remember, opportunities appear from unlikely sources. Personal judgments must be set aside in order to reap the rewards.

Hexagram 41 reminds us that to be a little bit thrifty can be empowering. If you use up all your resources and stretch too far in an attempt to reach an outcome, you are likely to miss the mark.  The foundations of a building must be kept strong in order to support what is held above. Likewise, starting your vision on a firm foundation has far more practicality and merit than trying to build your expanded vision too quickly.

Write down some simple impressions of what may be up ahead. This is enough to rely on for your big picture while you build a firm foundation from which to develop it.

When using the visionary gift it may be tempting to throw yourself at the behest of someone in a superior position to you. This may prove to be of no benefit as it actually increases the power of the person to whom you have subordinated yourself.  The I Ching suggests no advance is possible in such a situation. If you make yourself less than another person in order to warrant reward, it is unlikely to occur. No act that is self demeaning can support advance. Serve others without demeaning yourself.

Your task is to be true to yourself as you implement your visionary gift. Realise the steps to your outcome as slowly as they unfold from within, no matter how humble.

Karen Cohen

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