March Commentary

During the month of February one of my closest friends passed away. In what was to become a memorable gathering of relatives and fellow journeymen, I was called to take part in a ‘Farewell to Zina’ – a final celebration of her life.

My friend had been an abundant source of knowledge, comfort and nourishment, a woman of outstanding nurturing who although not overly nurtured herself in childhood was able to complete a cycle of life by ‘working with the emptiness’ to reclaim her pot of gold, the radiant and joyful heart.

One by one each friend climbed the stairs to sit at her bedside for just a few minutes and say whatever it was that could bring a completion with her while she was still in a physical body. It was a challenge and honour to just stay present. All the stress inside her was transcended as she enjoyed the noise of all her friends together downstairs.

We all carry stress within us that can turn into disease if we fail to recognise our habits. These habits live in our thought patterns, our behaviour and our words and we carry them in our system energetically in order to cope.

Some parts of our body, when unable or unready to process the concept connected with an emotion, will store that energy until much later on. Pushing down and away from what our subconscious mind may be telling us, we train our bodies to handle the stress by storing it away for a later time when we may be better able to process those feelings. Organs in our body tell the story back to us in time. It can be a shock.

Normal energy circulation is paramount to health and understanding. Passages of the I Ching remind us that if we deviate from the universal natural law and create distortions, it will result in delays with reaching our goals and with disharmony in the body. Since life is never static we are literally forced to rebalance our energy system to maintain a suitable connection between the polarities of Yin and Yang within us.

Productive and creative energy is the natural pattern of energy flow. Water transmutes to Wood then to Fire then to Earth then to Metal and returns to Water again. In other words, each element creates the next and can be recognised using symbols in Nature.

There is a natural cycle for our energy to orbit within the body system too. The kidneys relate to Water, the liver to Wood, the heart to Fire, the stomach to Earth, the lungs to Metal, returning to the kidneys or Water again. Kidney energy is vital to life and the way we move our energy around and within the body system can indicate whether we are working with the creative order or falling into a competitive one.

Take an Overview of your own life using Hexagram 20 of the I Ching. Get to know yourself better by becoming more objective about where you are going.

Realising that every choice creates an effect in our environment, think about the inner planes of your body and how choices you make will manifest either the creative or the competitive order within you. If we are flowing in the creative order then the body will mainly be at ease. Staying too long in the competitive order will disrupt the cycles and start to cause a decline that leads to a third energy cycle, known as the destructive order. Once we begin the destructive pathway our bodies will show deterioration other than the normal wear and tear and we will need to adjust our approach.

Take care on your journey. Every day counts. We are sensitive beings living in the thrust of change that can be felt physically as our bodies act like shock absorbers.

Every organ in the body system has a use; it stores, processes or distributes energy. When you are eating think of how well you are digesting your ideas. If your ideas are stagnant you may experience problems with blood circulation. When you are tired yet push on beyond your capacity, consider how this affects your stored kidney energy.

External pressure such as the need to be popular or noticed by others can lead to internal pressure. The source of that pressure is irrelevant. It may come from family, teachers, peers, the media, but if we internalise that pressure it has become our own. Can you afford to exchange your own good internal energy for such passing pleasures?

Use all your awareness to live a true life.

Karen Cohen

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