The world is not outside of us.

Perceptions and projections of our own ambition sometimes make the walls of our world seem solid. Life may give us the appearance there is another world ‘out there’ which we seem unable to access.

When this happens we may attempt to improve our position, only to find we are still feeding the tree of dissatisfaction.

Thinking too far into the future or scrutinizing our past ensures we suffer. We can become inert, afraid of making a mistake, or make awkward attempts at changing things quickly to restore order. In trying too hard we deplete our energy stores.

If we seek a single major solution that would bring meaning and peace of mind permanently, we are asking for something outside of us to do the work.

If the world is not outside of us then moving in tandem with ‘it’ – the way things are in the ever present now – will ensure we keep inner power and do not get fragmented.

When our energy is scattered we are in the prison fabricated by the mind, mulling over problems that seem uniquely real and sometimes unsolvable. In moving with the rhythm of life there is evidence of spirit. We do not stop to observe ourselves and second guess our choices. The consequences of our decisions may be evident later but choices made while we are moving with life are bound to be right.

What is right is the ability to move with the inevitable changing dimensions of life.

To be naturally content is to be happy with who and what you are.

You are a moving and changing ‘state of being’.

If we have all inherited strength from Nature then we have no need to be operating as if we are lost in the desert without supplies. Our supply and source is always there.

We have ‘chi’ or natural energy circulating through our bodies. When we are at a standstill in life due to a preoccupation with the what, when, why and how of where we are going, or because we have had a deep shock from which we are overwhelmed and unable to recover, we start to lose parts of our natural innate strength. Being fixed pulls our energy down and we become denatured by thoughts of security and stability.  We can also lose our ‘chi’ through fear of dying or a loss too great to bear.

Fears are evident in our sicknesses and in our moods. They are also evident in our productivity. The prospect of change can be so alarming to us that we freeze up.

T’ai Chi and similar energy practices such as Qi Gong provide support for internal energy. Transforming out of balance body spirits and bringing internal adjustment through these exercises releases the plug of impossibility and opens the chakras.

When practiced on a daily basis our energy begins to circulate and filter.

Committing to such practices can be a tall order so let’s open ourselves to the idea of movement, even if we don’t actually move. If blocked from change because we feel deeply afraid of what has been or is to come, simply imagining the sun and moon circulating behind our eyes can alter our energy field and have a restorative effect. There is no effort involved in this exercise; it is just the experience of energy moving.

Just standing in a position of readiness can also be enough!

Simple Movement Exercise For Anyone Who Is Stuck:

Stand barefoot with both feet on the ground, shoulder width apart. Bend at the knee with arms reaching forward and hands open. This will trigger heaviness in the lower body and highlights how we are pulled down when in a fixed and firm position. Be aware of the heaviness and its implications. What does it stand for in your life?

Lean gently forward and out slightly to the right, without moving your feet from their position. Use the right knee as a pivot as you lean out and let the right arm lift slightly.

Come back to the centre and do the same thing on the left side, then return to the centre. Flow gently through the movement from right to left, always coming back to the centre, where you can feel the lightness that builds.

This is a way to start conducting your energy field and causing it to support you!

Next time you are deeply embedded in a problem you are unable to solve get up from your chair for a minute and start making these gentle movements. If you are too inert to get up from your chair then do the exercise sitting down. Even if you are unable to conduct this exercise physically, think of yourself moving.

Movement supports our intention to go forward from any difficulty in life and can have a calming effect as we prepare to take the steps that will reshape us.

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