Past Lives vs. Present Moment Living

Many people explore past lives as a means of self-discovery, entering into past life therapy to try and unite various parts of themselves and gain clearance from blockages.

The I Ching does not focus on this type of thinking because Nature has merged all our past experiences into this one present life.

What we have here with us now are all the tools necessary to move forward. If we respect the life we have now by staying present in all our experiences, we will be given the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and others without having to retreat into visualisations and processes that can act as an escape.

The united self does not detach in the moment and look away. It remains active and awake to what is right here. We seek to learn more about the true meaning of our existence. The experiences presented to us in the here and now act as fuel.

Any energy cycle initiated from that fuel can be creative or destructive. It depends on the level of desire and motivation we apply to it or the degree of calmness. All possibilities remain entirely with us. The need to understand everything about ourselves can limit the creative cycle and start the destructive cycle, where self-examination becomes the main interest.

As we explore the present moment dynamics of our relationships and needs, the temptation may arise to disturb the equilibrium of present Nature with investigative thoughts related to other lives.

These propel us into the realm of stories, where we undoubtedly become attached to a part of that story as an identification of who we are now. We may ask why we are going through the things we are in the present and apply explanations from past lives, believing them to be at the root of the issue at hand.

In every breath and in every soft breeze there is the possibility for memory to be ignited and a number of worlds to open up inside the mind. We can name these and explore these, feeling enormously connected to them and alive in their realities. We can become absorbed in them to the point where they take us away from the real work, which is ever-present and right here.

If we believe something has been left behind and there is a long lost other world inside us that is the echo of our past, it is possible that all our moments may start to become tainted with longing.

The nourishment available to us in the present moment is denied when we do this. We are out of reach of the Earth element.

Personal nourishment and the food of life are connected to the Earth. We may find some problems occurring in our digestive system and stomach while we are drawn to the idea of our past lives and devoting such a degree of power to them.

As we discover more about our past we can actually add to our burden rather than being able to accept life as it is and enter into it fully. When we enter the present moment fully with a willingness to have no residue of memory, we can succeed here.

It can be quite immodest to attribute traits we have in this life to an elaborate past life setting. We may characterise ourselves in archetypal form, then retell the story, embellishing it with movie-like images.

Reunite the self in harmony by allowing present moment reality to be felt. Experience that feeling fully without escaping through the mind into a far off realm. The past is present with us and in us but we are not its residue. We are new. Every day is new.

Dragging up old resistance can discount the true gold that has been given to us in this very blessed life. Even the story of Jesus is testament to our being forgiven and free from our past.

Whichever line of belief we follow or where we place faith, bring the guidance back to the present to allow the gift of being, for its own sake. It is not necessary to prove anything to anyone.

Our responsibility is to the present moment and all its opportunities for growth, enjoyment, compassion and new power. If we look back with a need to see who we have been, even in an attempt to gain understanding, we may miss the golden glow of freedom that can be ours as we remain connected to the now, ready to receive life. Yes, receive life.

Allow life to open up without the baggage and resistance or illusion of the past as our guide. It may blur our way of seeing and move us backwards, or keep us in a holding pattern where we seem to be repeating ourselves again. Refresh. Be new. Be you.

Karen Cohen

© Copyright 2009

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