Over-Thinking Kills Initiative

When we spend too much time weighing up all the consequences of a decision, toying about whether to go this way or that, we lose energy.

Decisions are responsibilities. We build up fear around them, hoping never to be wrong.

If we have led ourselves up the garden path through a poor choice, inhibitions may be present when we are faced with another decision.

Even though we may go right ahead and decide one way or the other, we may also experience a great deal of stress in our body. This stress has been programmed into us through the decision-making fear, brought about by over-thinking.

What is over-thinking?

It is a way of trying too hard to be certain, too hard to be right, too hard to know things before they happen or to pre-judge what will or won’t occur.

By its very nature, thought has its roots in the mind. When we operate predominantly from our mind space, we are captive to that level of limitation.

When we make a decision and devise a plan, we must act on it. The key is in the action. It unlocks all the stress that has built up and begins the process of working out in reality what we have settled on in our mind.

If we fail to take the action our mind has agreed to, then stress begins. We are in conflict with ourselves for as long as we delay the action. More and more possibilities come into our mind as we start over-processing, until we do not act at all.

No one can know ahead of time what is going to work out effortlessly and what is going to bring grief.

We can obtain a better idea of patterns and trends that are present in our own thinking and in our own nature by using tools such as the I Ching, and by knowing ourselves by our achievements or failures.

These are signposts of our ability to flow in the right timing and with the best attitude possible to meet any occasion. There are always conditions active around us that we may never have been able to predict, but if we have inner presence and faith in ourselves we can be open to these energies and vibrations while still remaining true to ourselves.

When changes appear that influence the outcomes of our plans we must learn to bend, maintaining our own positive outlook to keep momentum and focus in the midst of changes from outside.

There is an impetus that arrives at the very beginning of a venture. This spontaneous attraction may give us a brief chill or mild wave of excitement, to let us know that we are on the right path. Taking note of these signs and responding to them with fervour is a good thing.

It may seem impulsive to act on something straight away, but it is that first step taken which affords the opportunity to ride the wave of success.

Over-thinking and over-cautious behaviour do not bring luck and freedom. They attract foreboding and cause tension in our aura.

If we ignore those first exciting messages to act, we become shut down and start thinking and checking every aspect of a situation up ahead, long before it has unfolded. We lose that lovely sizzle that comes with spontaneous living. This sizzle is a gift we can ill afford to waste. When you feel it, act. Then you have the chance to sit down quietly and work out step two, but step one is to take the leap and enjoy it.

Once you begin to ask whether the decision is the right one and over-think the process without taking action, the mind level controls the rest of the journey. That first feeling of attraction is killed off, never to return, and it is up to us to create another opportunity, since the one that just came to us freely has been killed off.

Opportunities take time to create and require a lot of living. If we are unable to recognise opportunity when it is in our midst then we are going to be wasting a lot of time and effort, looking too far past the goal and missing the mark each time.

Over-thinking is the tool of the slave.

Initiative is the result of moving forward when you don’t know all the answers, leaping into the unknown that has a message of promise within it, and turning it into something great by the very act of beginning.

Do something for yourself today. Initiate a new step.

Certainty is not needed. Begin to feel the delight of new things, new opportunities and awakenings within you as you break out of the old mould of who you think you are and allow the dance to begin. After all, sitting alone with your thoughts is a state of inaction and can quickly lead to stagnation.

That is why over-thinking kills initiative and that is also why you must act as soon as you feel it.

I wish you initiative.

– Karen Cohen

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