Clarity for Decisions & Change

During the course of my life I have had varied interests, as we all do.

Since our world is multi-layered, with an overload of temptations and information sources, it is essential to know how much of what comes to us can be effectively used.

If we are unable to make use of something in the present moment, we may store it away for a later time, and build up weight around us, keeping us from reaching our goals.

To take on too much is to burden ourselves and create clutter, both within and without.

I CHING study encapsulates energy management. It helps us to see what is most important to keep and what we can afford to disregard. As a guide to the subtle energy realm, or the realm that can be felt yet still remains unseen, where mysteries hide and yet are evident, it reveals how we are the masters of our own unique way, yet we doubt ourselves continuously and seek out answers, perhaps just to be reassured that our decisions are the right ones. Fear of making a mistake is a paramount concern for most people. In order never to be wrong they decide to make no decision at all – but no decision is a decision too!!

Teachings are useful when they become a natural and integral part of our lives. If they are unable to be integrated into daily life they remain at the mental level only and cause more disturbance than before. We then try to ‘live up to’ the teachings and this seems to be what is happening to many people who are ‘trying to be spiritual’. Much of what is contained within the one text of the I CHING does not require years of training, nor does it rob you of your own free spirit or call you to perform ritualistic practices that some people may associate with spirituality.

To be spiritual is to be ourselves. What more is there?

If you are striving to find something that already belongs to you, then let yourself off the hook. Restore simple ways of living that can give you a rest from the difficulties placed upon us by having too many choices.

The I CHING can assist you with clarity for decisions in times of change and I would love to show you how to use it to best effect to enhance your creativity.

Even if you are disconnected from your internal creative ideas and expression, it can provide you with a starting point.

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– Karen Cohen

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