The classic Chinese text known as the ‘I Ching’ or Book of Changes was created as a guide to help people restore harmony in times of change.

All its wisdom is based on change being a natural and inevitable part of life. When we resist change, we cause stagnation.

‘I Ching’ study appeared in China well before written history and began as a system of lines marked by sticks in the soil to symbolise patterns in the universe. It was used to help people align their own behaviour with the laws of nature. Over centuries it evolved into a written work that opens us to the subtle energy realm – the unseen realm we feel as vibration, the realm that gives support to all life.

Studying the ‘I Ching’ can help bring ‘sheng ming’ or a ‘bright spirit’ to a situation, even as disorder or incompletion prevail. When questions are framed well the response in the text overcomes the rational mind and its limitations. Sixty-four hexagrams with transforming lines represent guidance for every dynamic of a situation, to identify energy blocks and the root cause of a difficulty. We can make our own decisions and allow the ‘I Ching’ to reveal where changes are needed or what we may have overlooked. Then we can be anchored in life with a sense of power and move forward again.

You deserve clarity.

In personal readings I work with energy patterns in the present moment and can assist with self-study and group study, regardless of where you live.

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Please note: I do not use the text for divination of a person’s future. I believe this is a misuse of the tool, even though other websites and books promote it.

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